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Radiohead - We Suck Young Blood

La estremecedora We Suck Young Blood, de Radiohead.

Are you hungry? / Are you sick? / Are you begging for a break? / Are you sweet? /
Are you fresh? / Are you strung up by the wrists? We want the young blood /
Are you fracturing? / Are you torn at the seams? / Would you do anything?
Fleabitten, motheaten?

We suck young blood / We suck young blood

Won’t let the creeping ivy / Won’t let the nervous bury me / Our veins are thin
Our rivers poisoned / We want the sweet meat / We want the young blood

Lisa Germano - Red Thread

La calidad del video no es muy buena pero se escucha esa cosa tan bonita de Lisa Germano, "Red Thread". Que no es poco.

MGMT - Kids

Una de las canciones del año para el blog Hipersónica. No está mal. Pegadiza. Bailen.

Husky Rescue - Summertime Cowboy

Summertime Cowboy, del gran album Country Falls de Husky Rescue.